Buffet or Set Menu


For Full Catering Set-Up

  • PhP 240.00 per pax for Set Menu 1 to 4;  Minimum Reservation of 50 Pax
  •  PhP 250.00 per pax  for Set Menu 5 to 8;  Minimum Reservation of 50 Pax
  • PhP 280.00 per pax for reservations of 40 pax for Set Menu 1 to 8
  • Php 320.00 per pax for reservations of 30 pax for Set Menu 1 to 8
  • This is inclusive of the following:
    • Five (5) Main Courses
    • Rice
    • Dessert
    • one (1) Round Soft Drink for Each Reserved Guest
    • Buffet Set-Up (buffet tables are skirted; Free Buffet Floral Arrangement for a minimum of 60 pax)
    • Guest Tables with linens and Covered Monobloc Chairs
    • Complete Utensils
    • Trained Waiters/Attendants


  •  We require 50 percent down payment upon signing of contract; the balance is to be paid the day before the event.


Other Chargeable Items:

  • Additional Soft Drinks
  • Additional Courses
  • Lechon Baboy (Pork)
  • Mineral Water
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Iced Cubes ( 10 kilos/pack)


If you wish to order the food only, please call or email us. You can find our contact detail here.


Each menu found in each set menu can be interchanged one way or the other.

Menu 1

Baked Spaghetti

Vegetable in Oyster Sauce

Chicken Lollipop

Spring Rolls

Meat Medley in Worcestershire Sauce

Assorted Tropical Fruits


Soft Drink

 Menu 2

Beef with Mushroom


Sotanghon Guisado

Steamed Fish Fillet with Ginger Sauce

Spicy Pork Ribs

Assorted Cake Cubes or Brownie Bites


Soft Drink

 Menu 3

Beef in Oyster  Sauce

Pancit Canton Guisado

Hawaiian Chicken

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet

Pork Steak with Broccoli

Fruit Cocktail or  Peanut Butter Bites


Soft Drink

 Menu 4


Chicken Curry


Beef  Steak Tagalog

Stir Fried Vegetables

Mango Pandan


Soft Drink

 Menu 5

Beef with Mushroom with Mashed Potato Toppings

Pollo con Jamon

Buttered Vegetables

Pork Cubes in Worcestershire sauce


Mango Pandan


Soft Drink

 Menu 6

Goat Caldereta or Beef Caldereta


Chicken Flambe

Mixed Vegetables in Oyster Sauce

Baked Fish Fillet in Lemon-Ginger Dip

Fruit Salad


Soft Drink

 Menu 7

Roast Pork

Baked Macaroni

Beef Stew

Fish Fillet with Tartar Dip


Mango Cathedral


Soft Drink

 Menu 8

Chinese Pork Steak with Green Veggies and Mushroom

Roast Chicken in Mushroom Sauce

Sotanghon Guisado

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet

Beef with Roasted Garlic

Snow White


Soft Drink

 More choices of dish for 240/head

Crispy Chicken

Buttered Chicken

Breaded Pork Chop

Crispy Pansit Canton

Fish Fillet with Herbed Lemon-Butter Dip

Baked Spaghetti

Baked Bico

Maja Mais


 More choices of dish for 250/head


Tahong Omelet with Coleslaw

Crab Omelet

Fish Fillet with Herbed Lemon-Butter Dip

Pork Ham Roll

Chicken Rollete

Lengua a la Jardinera

Lengua in Tomato sauce

Baked Spaghetti

Herbed Baked Chicken


Mixed Seafood in Chili Coco Cream

Steamed Fish Fillet with Ham


Chicken Macaroni Salad

Hawaiian Salad



Black Zamboo

Mango Cathedral

Buko Pandan

Assorted Cake Bites

Brownie and Peanut Butter Bites



For additional food for your banquet, we have:

1. Chocolate fountain with 6 dippings – 90.00/head
2. Chocolate fountain with 3 dippings – 45.00/head
     Choices of dippings: marshmallows, bread sticks, Stick-O, wafers, mini cookies, banana, mango,      apple,grapes,kiwi
3. Juice Bar with 3 kinds of Juices  – 50.00/head
      Choices of Juices: Four seasons, Herbal Iced Tea, Orange/pineapple Juice, Cucumber and Mint Juice  with lemon and honey, carrots and apple, watermelon and papaya
4. Fruit Bar with Cream Dressing
      6 fruits – 70.00/head
      7 fruits – 80.00/head
      8 fruits – 90.00/head
      Choices of fruits: mango, watermelon, Buko, Lychee, Corn Kernel, musk melon, grapes, apples
5. Halo Halo Bar – P80.00/head
6. Salad Bar with 3 dressings – P80.00/head
    Salad Bar with 2 dressings – P70.00/head

For party favors and decorations (Price upon request), we have:

1. Floral arrangement for the venue
2. Balloon Arrangement for the venue
3. Customized Cake and cupcakes for the celebrant
4. Photo mugs as give aways
5. Photo coverage
6. Photo booth
7. Photo invitation
8. Professional Party Host
9. Photo Birthday Backdrop
10. Sound System
11. Audio-Visual presentation
12. DLP Rental

Check out our FMC Food Photos (These are actual photos of our food taken before the event started). It’s Healthy, Delicious and Affordable.

Email: management@fmccebucateringservice.com
Phone number: +63 (032) 3433172 / +63 (32) 3832914 / +63 (0925) 5655281 / +63 (0917)  7775418
Preferably on
Mondays to Saturdays (8:00 AM-5:00 PM)

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